Look: The Nissan Terra drives through 800mm-deep water

This midsize SUV gets put to an extreme test
by Leandre Grecia | Jun 22, 2019
PHOTO: Nissan Asia & Oceania

We are once again nearing the end of June, and the second half of every year also marks the beginning of the rainy season. In the Philippines, this can only mean one thing apart from incoming heavy traffic: floods.

This is why wading depth is one of the main reasons car buyers, especially those who live or work within Manila, think twice about getting something else other than an SUV or a relatively affordable pickup truck. And if you’re one of the people whose current predicament is choosing the right vehicle to buy, this video from Nissan Philippines might just help you finally come to a decision. Check it out below:

That’s right—the Terra, Nissan’s latest entry to the midsize-SUV brawl, is a flood-ready machine. As the usual specs on paper don’t really say much apart from the numbers, this actual test affirms the Terra’s water-wading capabilities and proves that it is indeed capable of driving through waters up to 800mm deep. If you thought urban floods put your vehicles to the test, Nissan just went the extra mile (in this case, the extra meter) to prove the Terra’s worth.

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Needless to say, however, advancing through urban floods is still no picnic, especially for inexperienced drivers. Nissan took the liberty of sharing some tips that will help us drivers keep safe when storms hit. You can see the list below:

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  1. Know the maximum wading depth of your vehicle.
  2. Ease into the water at no faster than 3kph.
  3. Keep a constant speed and do not release the accelerator.
  4. Proceed one vehicle at a time.
  5. After safely crossing a flooded section, check for any vehicle irregularity or debris

Remember that no matter how capable your vehicles are—even if you’re driving a Terra—caution will always be key when passing through flooded areas this rainy season. Drive safe, everyone!

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PHOTO: Nissan Asia & Oceania
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