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Petron offering customers 2 limited die-cast toy cars

Porsche Carrera GT and 918 Spyder

Porsche Rush

Calling all die-cast toy car collectors! Petron is offering two new special models starting November as part of its Petron Collectibles Limited Edition line. The pair is the fourth offering from the oil company, in line with its "Porsche Rush" promo.

The toy cars--a red Porsche Carrera GT and a blue Porsche 918 Spyder--are 1:24 in scale and are made from high-quality die-cast metal. The finely detailed models feature alarm sounds, lights and acceleration sounds. They also come in a five-side see-through box, making them ideal additions to any collection.

BPI cardholders are in for a treat as they will be among the first to get a hold of the models from November 1 to 14, while the rest of us can get these from November 15 until December 15. Those interested can buy the two models for P700 each, as long as they fill up at least P500 of Petron Blaze 100, Petron XCS, Petron Xtra Advance 93, Petron Super Xtra 91,Petron Diesel Max or Petron Turbo Diesel.

Again, the promo will only run until December 15. Since Christmas is coming up, these scale models can also serve as nice gifts to kids and adults alike. Go get them!


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