PGA Cars offers 1 free Audi A1 for every 3 Q3 units at magazine launch

Would you have taken the offer?
Oct 7, 2013


At the recent launch party of a new celebrity magazine, PGA Cars announced an incredible promo just for the evening. PGA Cars is the Philippine distributor of Audi, the event sponsor. According to two sources who were at the event, the company offered party guests this remarkable deal: \"Get three people to buy a Q3 and get one A1 for free.\"

That\'s right: Three units of the Q3 (priced around P3.5 million) and you get yourselves a free A1. Now, who gets the A1 will be entirely up to you. We suppose you can draw lots to settle the matter.

Anyway, we don\'t know if anyone (or if three people, to be exact) took PGA Cars up on this offer. Quite a deal to create some buzz among the moneyed guests, we think. Or maybe it was simply to move units of the Q3?

What do you think?

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