Want to make a remix with Dua Lipa? Thanks to Jaguar, now you can

A few taps is all it takes, fallin' in love with me
by Jason Tulio | Sep 6, 2018
PHOTO: Jaguar

Do you have aspirations of becoming a music producer? Or do you have a list of new rules that you just have to count in a song? If so, then Jaguar's new software might interest you.

The British carmaker has partnered with pop sensation Dua Lipa to create music in a pretty unique way. Users can now make remixes of Lipa's new song "Want To" in one of three ways: By driving one of Jaguar's Pace models, through your Spotify history, or by simply tapping a rhythm on your phone's screen. 

Following its launch in Amsterdam, "Want To" has already become the world's most remixed song. A special remix of the song, made when Lipa drove an I-Pace, appears on a reissued version of her debut album. Data was captured by the car's sensors, and used to influence the remix's structure. 

"I’m so excited to collaborate with Jaguar and push the boundaries of music and technology for my fans. It’s pretty mind-blowing that anyone can create their own unique version of my single ‘Want To’ based on the way they drive a Jaguar, or what music they listen to. It’s crazy to think that the data from my drive in the electric I-Pace can alter the energy of my music to create a totally new and incredible sound," Lipa said. 

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Watch the video below to see how it all works. 

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PHOTO: Jaguar
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