Report: Apple eyeing takeover of McLaren

The Apple Car could be very sporty
by Dinzo Tabamo | Sep 21, 2016

Is Apple eyeing takeover of McLaren?

The rumored Apple Car is one of the biggest open secrets in both the tech and auto industries. The latter says it isn’t worried, and it is true that the automotive world isn’t as easy to disrupt as the industries that Apple has dominated (camcorders, mobile phones, point-and-shoot cameras), but the company that Steve Jobs built is still too big to be underestimated. And its latest move is an interesting one.

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According to a report by Bloomberg, Apple is reportedly in talks with supercar-maker McLaren for either a “full takeover or a strategic investment.” The world’s largest tech company supposedly wants McLaren’s tech, engineering and patents.

While nothing is—or has ever been—confirmed about the Apple Car, most assumed it would be an electric vehicle for everyone (who can afford it) to use—not a sports car. Although a steady stream of hires from Tesla doesn’t discount the possibility that “Project Titan”, the department responsible for the Apple Car, will incorporate some performance into the rumored product.

If the deal pushes through, McLaren will be bought for an estimated £1,000,000,000 - £1,500,000,000 (P61.98 billion - P92.98 billion), which is just a drop in the bucket for Apple, really.

Will Apple revolutionize the automotive industry like it did mobile, music, computers and others? We have our doubts, but we’d sure like to see it try. 

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