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No, Shell PH is not giving P7,000 away to people who answer an online survey

That’s the official statement
PHOTO: Shell on Facebook

Again, when something sounds way too good to be true, it probably is. Online scammers make a killing taking advantage of netizens who forget this rule, so always keep it in mind when you’re mindlessly scrolling through your social media feeds and checking your email.

If you’re a motorist, the latest online scam you should watch out for is one involving an online survey by Shell Philippines that promises P7,000 to anyone who answers it.

The company has released a statement warning everyone that it did not release such a survey and that this is actually a phishing scam. Look:

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“Please be diligent when clicking links that claim to be from Shell,” the Shell said on its official Facebook account.

“A phishing scam pretending to be a Shell survey with a cash reward is circulating online. This survey is not from Shell. Our offers are found only on our official platforms.”

Frankly, we wish we lived in a world where global corporations were handing out cold hard cash to people who answer a short survey. Sadly, we don’t. Be careful of what you click while you’re online lest you hand over your personal information to some shady individuals abroad.

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PHOTO: Shell on Facebook
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