Shopping for a car online could be the ‘new normal,’ according to Nissan

The customer experience is going digital
Sep 29, 2020
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It can be dangerous business, stepping out your front door. That’s especially true with COVID-19 cases still rising every day. That said, many of us have slowly begun to move things online—from work meetings and bank errands to grocery runs and restaurant orders. It’s made staying at home easier, but there are still some things that need to be done outside the confines of your home.

One example: Buying yourself a car, something that would make your life infinitely easier with public transportation options still limited and risky. But in a time when everything you need is available online, should cars and vehicles be going the same direction?

According to Nissan, the answer could be yes. Partly so, anyway. Not too long after the Japanese automaker introduced its new digital-friendly branding and logo in July, it started to focus on its digital efforts even more.

As part of this, Nissan launched its first virtual showroom in the region, and upgraded its website to become one of the most complete automotive websites in the country—specifically dedicated to walking potential customers through every step of buying a new car under the ‘new normal.’

The first step of the process is visiting Nissan’s virtual showroom, which simulates the experience of being inside a real Nissan dealership by giving customers a 360-degree view of the space, as well as each model’s exterior and interior.

Nissan's complete range of vehicles is up on display, which means you can get up close and personal with sportier vehicles like the X-Trail, Terra, Navara, and Patrol; sedans like the Almera and Sylphy; a people-hauler like the Urvan; and even need-for-speed dreams like the GT-R and 370z.

Customers can move around the room and interact with every Nissan vehicle on display—and to learn more, you need only click on vehicle hotspots displaying key features.

And when you’ve decided that yes, you’ve found the ride for you, you can read more about it by clicking “Explore Vehicle,” which leads to its enhanced product page. Each page now has an interactive viewing feature, which includes product walkaround videos and a colorizer option where you can view the vehicles’ various color variants in various angles.

“Under a secure and safe ‘new normal,’ the virtual showroom not only brings a new kind of excitement in experiencing Nissan products for Filipinos, but also ensures that our customers remain safe during the pandemic,” says Atsushi Najima, President and Managing Director for Nissan in the Philippines.

But what happens after you’ve chosen the Nissan vehicle you want in your life? According to Nissan’s At-Home Shopping Guide, the next step is checking your financing eligibility. Head over to the website’s new Nissan Finance page to secure the necessary financing requirements. Powered by EastWest Bank, the automaker’s payment options are flexible.

The next step is the most important: Booking a test drive. This remains the one aspect of purchasing a vehicle that just has to be done physically—it is, after all, a huge investment. You deserve the right to experience that new ride for yourself before you shell out. Once you fill out the form, this is automatically sent to your dealership of choice, which will coordinate with you directly for any arrangements to be made.

Rest assured that Nissan and all of its dealerships are taking safety seriously. The website’s COVID-19 Information page details all of the automotive brand’s safety and sanitation measures, including temperature checks, a passenger limit during test drives, and regular disinfection of vehicles and the facility.

But the journey doesn’t end with a test drive, or even with you finally driving your new ride home. The Nissan website now features the MyNissan Owner portal, where owners can access model-specific tips on how to take care of their vehicles, and how to maximize each car’s Nissan Intelligent Mobility features. There’s also the enhanced Services page, which takes you through the entire process of having your car serviced or brought in for preventive maintenance.

This could be just the beginning of Nissan’s digital expansion—and it may be setting a new standard for how automakers interact with their customers. To experience it yourself, visit the Nissan Philippines official website. And for more updates, follow the automaker on Facebook.

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