So, how much will Toyota PH sell the Wigo mini hatchback for?

Here are the prices of the 3 variants
Jan 20, 2014


An executive in the Toyota dealership network has sent us the official pricing for the soon-to-be-launched (next month, as a matter of fact) Toyota Wigo mini hatchback. Apparently, our price projection of P430,000 is a little off as the cheapest Wigo variant will go for P448,000.

Here are the three Wigo variants together with their price tags, as confirmed by another high-ranking official in the Toyota community:

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* Wigo 1.0G AT - P534,000

* Wigo 1.0G MT - P499,000

* Wigo 1.0E MT - P448,000

Only the top variant has automatic transmission; the other two are manual.

How do you feel about these figures?



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