What’s your pick for the best new car launched in 2018?

by Elaine Lara | Nov 9, 2018
PHOTO: Top Gear Philippines

We entered 2018 with trepidation because of the higher excise taxes and the increasing fuel prices. And yet the auto industry continued to launch new models left and right. We saw pickups launched, SUVs introduced, and practical sedans released in the market. In short, it was one hell of the year.

Now it’s your turn to be heard—we want to know your favorite 2018 release. Visit our Stig Awards microsite here, and cast your vote for Reader’s Choice Car of the Year. You can also vote for 2018’s best Luxury Car, Value Pick, Performance Car, and Family Car.

Last year, Top Gear Philippines named the Honda Civic Type R as our car of the year, while you guys, our dear readers, picked its bigger and more practical brother, the Honda CR-V, as Reader’s Favorite.

Has there been a new model that tugged at your heartstrings and made you think about how you’d look good driving it? We’d love to know—just log on to the Stig Awards site we’ve set up for you.

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It’s been an interesting year so far, but it just goes to show that higher taxes and fuel prices won’t stop gearheads from being gearheads. So, visit the microsite and cast your votes for your favorites this 2018. 

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PHOTO: Top Gear Philippines
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