Subaru PH offers deals for previous-gen Forester

For those who believe a Subaru is best when turbocharged
by Dinzo Tabamo | Feb 14, 2019
PHOTO: Subaru

One sure indicator of age is when you frown at new things and you believe that what was in the past is always better. We yearn for simpler times, when crooks stayed in jail and you could believe the news. When drivers knew how to drive, and cars didn’t have to coddle occupants with a million electronic nannies (although safety advances are usually good). The good times when having a Subaru meant a scoop on the hood.

In the case of the fourth-generation Forester that was recently replaced, it might not have the scoop, but it’s still turbocharged—and apparently, it’s still on sale.

From the time you read this until the end of the month, official Subaru distributor Motor Image Pilipinas is offering special deals on the previous-generation Forester. This is good news for those who are drawn to the all-new Forester’s EyeSight safety features, but want the raw power of the old turbo.

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The Forester i-P can be purchased via installment for five years with zero interest. And you can drive home a turbocharged Forester XT, which is the one we want, upon shelling out an all-in down payment of P178,000.

To refresh your memory, the SRP of the Forester i-P is P1,798,000 while the Forester XT goes for P2,048,000.

For more details about the promos you can visit the nearest Subaru showroom.

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PHOTO: Subaru
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