These freebies are bundled with our December/January issue

A desk calendar and a road-trip booklet
Dec 9, 2013


As has been our tradition for the past several years, our last issue for the year comes with freebies. Our current release, the Luxury Issue, comes with a 2014 \"Dream Machines\" desk calendar and a mini Road Trip booklet.

The 2014 calendar features a new desktop design. In the previous years, our calendars were of the wall type. The new one is sleeker and is designed to add elegance to your work table (or any table, for that matter).

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The Road Trip supplement, meanwhile, is a guide \"to a safe drive to the Philippines\' most important cultural landmarks.\" Have you been wanting to take the family on an excursion to some destination that bears historical significance? This is the booklet for you.

And because the calendar and the supplement are freebies, the magazine is still priced at P150 per copy. Consider this our simple Christmas gift from us to you.

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