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by Leandre Grecia | Jul 4, 2019
PHOTO: Toyota Motor Philippines

Looking to buy a new car anytime soon? Check this out—Toyota Motor Philippines is extending its Dealightful Savings promo for the Toyota Vios until the end of July.

Potential buyers can save up to P90,000 on outright cash payments for 1.5 G and G Prime variants when they place an order this month. In addition, the 1.5 G and 1.3 E variants will come with an extended warranty and free periodic maintenance service (PMS) package. The warranty covers five years or 150,000km, whichever comes first, while the free PMS will be available up to 20,000km.

Customers may also avail of the cash discounts for other Toyota models, including the Hilux, Rush, Fortuner, Innova, and Wigo.

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“Worry-free ownership is a promise we intend to keep for all our customers. From dealership purchase to aftersales service, driving a Toyota should give everyone peace of mind,” said TMP first vice president Cristina Arevalo.

“Customers can rest easy knowing that there is a five-year extended warranty for their Vios, which in itself is already built with Toyota standards of quality, durability, and reliability. On top of that, we are also including free maintenance package up to 20,000km when they purchase the vehicle, so they don’t have to worry about the added cost of services. These are especially helpful for those availing the 60-month financing term—Toyota has them covered until they finish their payment.”

If you’re interested, take note: the extended promo only runs until July 31, 2019.

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PHOTO: Toyota Motor Philippines
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