Toyota used 100% renewable electricity in all European operations last year

Hopefully other regions follow its example
by Drei Laurel | Jan 17, 2020
PHOTO: Toyota

Driving clean is a relatively simple proposition, provided you have the money to shell out for a zero-emissions vehicle. Keeping the manufacturing process of said vehicle clean, on the other hand, takes considerably more effort.

Toyota, though, has just shown the world it can be done.

The Japanese car manufacturer has just announced that all of its operations in Europe ran solely on 100% renewable electricity for all of 2019. That’s nine manufacturing plants, 14 parts depots centers, seven vehicle logistics hubs, 29 national marketing and sales companies, a Toyota Technical Center, and the company’s European head office. Combined, all these facilities had a total electrical demand of 500GWh.

It’s a more than impressive feat. Toyota managed to do this using several sources of renewable energy, including solar panels and windmills, as well as by purchasing renewable electricity when possible. What’s more, the brand managed to achieve this one year ahead of its internal target for manufacturing operations.

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This development comes amidst the automotive giant’s bid to fulfill self-imposed long-term environmental targets—part of the carmaker’s Toyota Environmental Challenge 2050 initiative.

“Switching to 100% renewable electricity to run our entire European operations is a significant step towards our Environmental Challenge 2050,” Toyota Motor Europe president Dr. Johan van Zyl said in a statement celebrating the achievement.

“Having sustainable operations in Europe is very important if we want citizens and consumers to continue supporting Toyota.”

We certainly hope other regions will follow Toyota Motor Europe’s lead in the near future. How long do you think it will take for Southeast Asian manufacturing operations to catch up?

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PHOTO: Toyota
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