What you need to know about Mazda\'s Skyactiv engine tech

Next-generation stuff in today\'s vehicles
by Patrick Everett Tadeo | May 22, 2013


Skyactiv is Mazda\'s blanket term for the latest and unique technologies for its new generation of vehicles starting with the CX-5, which was launched here last year.

One such aspect is the internal-combustion engine. The Japanese carmaker believes that the energy efficiency of current engine technology is only at 30%. So, instead of putting its resources in creating hybrid or electric vehicles, Mazda has looked to refine the internal-combustion engine even further.

Here, we look at the gasoline and diesel engines that Mazda has imbued with its Skyactiv technologies.




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Mazda\'s highly efficient direct-injection gasoline engine boasts of having the world\'s highest compression ratio for a mass-produced powerplant at 14:1, higher than that of a Ferrari 458 Italia\'s mill (12.5:1). Its other notable features are:

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* Dramatically improved ignition and combustion resulting in improved fuel economy and increased torque output of 15%;

* Better performance due to its increased torque output from low to medium engine speeds; and

* A racing-inspired 4-2-1 exhaust system, increased displacement, multi-port injectors and other innovations to eliminate engine knocking.




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Mazda\'s latest-generation clean-burning diesel engine supposedly passes stringent global emission standards without the need for expensive catalysts to lower pollutants. Some of its new features are:

* 20% lower fuel consumption, thanks to an extraordinarily low 14:1 compresion ratio;

* New dual-stage turbochargers that offer smooth response and high precision from low to medium revs as well as high torque output from low to high revs; and

* Compliant with Euro 6 emission standards without needing costly catalysts to lower pollution.

\"Our Skyactiv technology can provide top-level fuel efficiency at very affordable pricing without compromising the driving pleasure,\" said Mazda Motor R&D director and senior managing executive officer Hirotaka Kanazawa.

Photos by Patrick Everett Tadeo

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