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Will Honda PH sell many CR-Z units?



If you think that the only reason Honda Cars Philippines brought in the CR-Z hybrid fastback is so it could serve as the brand\'s halo car, you can\'t be any more wrong. While it\'s true that the CR-Z can bring back the Japanese carmaker\'s long-lost mojo, it is simply erroneous to assume that Honda isn\'t also expecting to sell a lot of units of this car. In the first place, they wouldn\'t have priced this competitively if the plan wasn\'t to put this hybrid in as many Philippine garages as possible.

And because we wondered just how many CR-Z units Honda could move in our market, we asked HCPI president and general manager Tatsuya Natsume for their sales forecast.

\"We can\'t really say,\" Natsume told \"We don\'t really have a peg to base a forecast on.\"

What the executive did tell us is that there are now already 100 reservations for the CR-Z, each customer giving P25,000 as reservation fee.

\"We will start delivering the units on August 17,\" Natsume said. \"And we expect to complete the delivery to all 100 customers in three months.\"

Not bad for a small hybrid car. Do you see yourself owning one?

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