International Olympic Committee recognizes FIA

Another chance for the Philippines to get its first gold medal?
Jan 18, 2012 Philippine Car News - International Olympic Committee recognizes FIA

Various motorsport disciplines may soon be considered as Olympic sports as the Fédération Internationale de l'Automobile (FIA), the world governing body for motorsports, has been recognized by the International Olympic Committee (IOC).

The recognition is provisional for two years. To make it permanent, the IOC wants the FIA to establish an Athlete's Commision that will protect the interests of its members and serve as link between the athletes and the IOC.

For its part, the FIA will be sending a letter to its 129 national sporting club members, inviting them to respect and share the values of the Olympic movement.

"I am delighted the FIA is now part of the Olympic family as this is a confirmation of the strength of our sporting credentials as well as a recognition of the values of Respect, Excellence and Friendship which we actively share with the Olympic movement," said FIA president Jean Todt. 

In March 2011, Philippine Sports Comission chairman Ricardo Garcia revealed that for the Philippine government to recognize and support Philippine motorsports, it should be part of the Olympics.

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Where do you think will the Philippines excel at motorsports in the Olympics? Karting? Slalom? Off-road racing? Let us know through the comment box.

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