Is Ken Block too big to fit in F1 car? Philippine Car News - Ken Block reportedly too big to fit in F1 car

Thanks to his gymkhana videos on YouTube, Ken Block is now a big superstar in the motorsport scene. The problem, however, is that he's reportedly so big--literally--that the plan to put him in Pirelli's Formula 1 test car on August 5 has hit a snag.

According to, Block was at Toyota Motorsport's facility in Cologne, Germany, recently for some early preparations of his Formula 1 test drive, which will take place on the final day of Pirelli's two-day test of its latest P Zero tires at the famed Monza circuit in Italy.

The problem reared its ugly head when Block sat in the test car. Although Block could fit in what was once Toyota's 2009 Formula 1 contender, his legs were reportedly too long that once the steering wheel was attached, the American couldn't turn it. added that although it appears unlikely that modifications to the updated Formula 1 test car will be done to accommodate Block, Toyota Motorsport's staff are reportedly looking at alternatives that would be more suitable for the 2011 World Rally Championship contender.

Bad news for Block, really, as he was looking forward to the test when it was first announced early this month.

"I've been lucky enough to do some pretty spectacular stunts in my career so far, but this is something else," Block said at that time. "Everybody talks about Formula 1 being the pinnacle of world motorsport, so I can't wait to discover it for myself."

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