Isuzu Philippines gets down to business with Crosswind XS

Now available at authorized dealers
Apr 16, 2012
CAR MODELS IN THIS ARTICLE Philippine Car News - Isuzu Philippines gets down to business with Crosswind XS

As if the 'utility' part in 'Asian Utility Vehicle' isn't clear enough for buyers of this type of vehicles, Isuzu Philippines is bringing to the market the even more utility-oriented Crosswind XS AUV.

Available exclusively in Glacial White, the Crosswind XS comes minus the third-row seat in the cargo area, freeing it up to carry more than 1.8 cubic meters (more than 1,800 liters) of payload. According to Isuzu Philippines, this configuration makes the Crosswind XS the ideal choice for business use as it can serve as a taxicab, service or delivery shuttle, or even as a courier vehicle that can carry balikbayan boxes and other oversized baggage. The Crosswind XS is also perfect for small families or those with young children as the cargo area can easily accommodate strollers, toys, extra clothes, groceries and other similar items.

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Despite its utilitarian purpose, the Crosswind XS comes with modern features and conveniences like halogen projector headlamps, a shark-fin antenna, and air-conditioning system. The use of Isuzu's Flex Ride Move suspension in the rear also gives the Crosswind XS a more comfortable ride, while its proven 2.5-liter Euro 2-compliant turbo diesel engine that's mated to a five-speed manual transmission ensures power delivery to the rear wheels is constant and unyielding.

On top of the excellent resale value of Crosswind models as pointed out by Isuzu Philippines, its maintenance and running costs are reportedly just as excellent. The Japanese carmaker claims that it only needs P10,000 in maintenance costs for every 20,000km traveled as compared to around P15,000 for other brands. In addition, the Crosswind's fuel expenses can cost as low as P2.2 for every kilometer traveled as it boasts a fuel efficiency rating of up to 21.54km per liter as shown by the result of its 2010 Isuzu Challenge.

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"Without question, the Isuzu Crosswind’s reliability, durability and fuel efficiency are keys to its popularity," said Isuzu Philippines president Ryoji Yamazaki. "But also among the vehicle's strengths is its capacity to continually evolve in order to be truly relevant to changing consumer needs. The 2012 Crosswind XS exemplifies this trait."

The Isuzu Crosswind XS is now available at all authorized Isuzu dealerships nationwide for only P750,000.

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