Japan auto production, export continues to reel after March 11 disasters - report

When will real recovery begin? Philippine Car News - Japanese auto production, export continues to reel from March 11 disasters

It's been close to three months since the March 11 earthquake and tsunami that struck Japan but the country’s automobile industry is still reeling from the double disaster's effects.

In April 2011, the production of passenger cars, trucks and buses was at 292,001 units, 60.1 percent lower compared to the output in the same period last year, which saw 731,829 units produced according to the Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association (JAMA).

Much like how Japan's vehicle production was affected by the double disaster, JAMA reported that the country's vehicle-export business also suffered a huge loss as only 126,061 units were exported in April 2011, a difference of 265,479 units or 67.8 percent compared to last year's figures.

According to the reports, many parts and components manufacturers that are vital to Japan's automobile production industry are based in the regions that were severely damaged and affected by the earthquake and tsunami.

Reports say that while many manufacturing plants resumed production in mid-April, its operations were below capacity and that the shortage of spare parts could continue for months.

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