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The Road Board, which is under the Department of Public Works and Highways, was established through Republic Act 8794--or the Motor Vehicle User's Charge Act as it is more popularly known--to "ensure the adequate maintenance of national and provincial roads through sufficient funding for the purpose." Senator Aquilino "Koko" Pimentel III, however, is seeking to dissolve the agency due to persistent reports of anomalies surrounding it.

"I have received numerous reports of irregularities taking place in the Road Board especially during the previous administration," said Pimentel. "For example, why is it that its road works are limited to asphalt overlay while concreting is not allowed? Is it because they make money from this?"

Pimentel pointed out that the Road Board is supposed to efficiently manage and utilize the funds raised by the agency, through the fees that are collected from each and every vehicle being registered through the Land Transportation Office annually. The funds collected will then be earmarked solely for the purpose of road maintenance and improvement of road drainage, installation of adequate traffic light and road safety devices, and air pollution control.

Yet, according to the solon, the funds collected by the Road Board "have apparently been diverted to private pockets for many years now, with the result being that our road system is poorly maintained and presents a grave and present danger to public safety."

"The Aquino administration should clean up this agency pursuant to its commitment to daang matuwid or the straight path," added Pimentel. "The President should take a close look at the operations of the Road Board to determine whether it is really performing its mandate."

Do you think the Road Board is actually doing its job, or is it just another redundant government agency?

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