Video: Marlon Stockinger completes test drive of Lotus Formula 1 car

History in the making
Apr 5, 2013
CAR BRANDS IN THIS ARTICLE Philippine Car News - Marlon Stockinger completes Lotus Formula 1 car test drive

As we mentioned in March, Filipino-Swiss driver and Lotus F1 Junior Team member Marlon Stockinger has been tapped to test-drive his team's Formula 1 car. Well, that day has passed and Stockinger even did it in Kimi Raikkonen's car--or at least an F1 car that had Raikkonen's engine cover on it.

A six-minute long video of Stockinger test-driving the Lotus F1 car is now up on YouTube. Although a big chunk of the video is of Stockinger tailing the camera car, we do get to see him take the Paul Ricard Circuit's front straight flat out twice as well as do some donuts. His father Tom can be seen patting him on the back after a test run.

Check out the video below if you want to see history in the making.

Photo from Marlon Stockinger's Facebook page


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