McLaren Production Center for road cars officially opens

Costing almost £50 million
Nov 22, 2011 Philippine Car News - McLaren officially opens Production Center for its road cars

The McLaren Production Center has officially opened with no less than United Kingdom's Prime Minister David Cameron leading the ceremonies.

With almost £50 million (nearly P3.44 billion) reportedly invested in the facility that has a floor area of 20,000sqm., McLaren Automotive can now produce the MP4-12C in full capacity and ship it to 19 countries.

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"What makes the McLaren Production Center so special is that it's perhaps the first production facility that's been designed around the unique construction of the car," said McLaren Automotive's managing director Antony Sheriff. "So we designed the car first and then we designed the Production Center to complement the way the car is put together. This guarantees that we have cars that are absolutely of the highest quality that we can deliver to our customers."

Sheriff added that the £50 million invested in the Production Center is only part of the almost £800-million total investment in the whole range of cars that will one day be produced in the facility.

According to McLaren Group and McLaren Automotive chairman Ron Dennis, the MP4-12C is one of only two sports cars that can enter the environmentally-stringent American car market without needing to pay the gas-guzzler tax.


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