Memo to MMDA traffic enforcers: Obey traffic rules

Or else...
Aug 10, 2011

How many times have you witnessed traffic enforcers violating the exact same traffic rules they're supposed to implement? Frustrating, isn't it? Seeing an enforcer make an illegal turn or speed past a red light makes a law-abiding motorist want to get off his car and issue the erring driver a ticket.

Well, those days of irony may soon be over as the officer in charge of the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority's (MMDA) Traffic Discipline Office, Atty. Yves Randoph Gonzalez, has issued a memorandum that instructs traffic enforcers to observe traffic rules and regulations. Funny they still need a memo for something you'd expect those who man traffic to know already, but here's hoping it works.

The memo issued on August 8 says:

In our regular monitoring of the traffic situation along major roads of Metro Manila, we have noted that there are Traffic Officers and Traffic Aides/Enforcers who sometimes violate traffic rules and regulations using MMDA service vehicles and motorcycles such as parking of vehicles along the roadway, illegal counterflow, illegal turning, passing through red light and other traffic offenses, which sometimes hamper the flow of vehicles in the area.

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As implementors of the traffic management mandate of the MMDA, the Traffic Officers/Traffic Enforcers have to set the example by obeying all traffic rules and regulations at all times. In particular, users of MMDA marked vehicles are advised to park only in areas where it would not cause traffic obstruction.

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This is to remind further that violation of traffic rules by our traffic personnel constitute abuse of authority and disgraceful conduct, which shall be dealth with administratively.

Traffic enforcers who violate the memo may be reported directly to Gonzales via this email address: zz[at] Don't forget to include photos to help the MMDA identify the enforcer involved.

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