Mercedes-Benz rolls out all-new Unimog trucks

But is CATS Motors really bringing them here?
May 3, 2013


In December 2012, we got word that CATS Motors, the official distributor of Mercedes-Benz vehicles in the Philippines, will bring in the Unimog line of trucks by May 2013. While we have yet to receive any update regarding that bit of news, we have a guess why Mercedes-Benz\'s iconic truck line may be coming to the country this month: The German vehicle manufacturer has just launched the all-new Unimog line of trucks.

According to Mercedes-Benz, the all-new Unimog product range is now available with 10 models, ranging from the entry-level U 216 to the much larger U 5023. Powertrain choices for the Unimog range from the four-cylinder, 156hp mill for the U 216 to the BlueEfficiency Power BlueTec 6 engine with 230hp and 900Nm for the U 5023. As for the load ratings, the U 216 can carry 7.5 tons, while the U 5023 can lift up to 14.5 tons.

The all-new Unimog\'s launch also ushers in the Euro VI engines for Mercedes-Benz\'s special vehicles. Despite the challenges arising from the Euro VI emission standards, the manufacturer claims that the Unimog still retains and improves the concept advantages of the model.

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Other than the new powertrains, some of the features incorporated into the all-new Unimog are the completely redesigned panoramic cab, new work and power hydraulics systems, and synergetic traction drive that allows shifting from manual transmission to hydrostatic transmission while driving.

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Of course, the Unimog\'s defining trait is its off-road ability. With a welded frame and tubular cross members, this reportedly guarantees extremely good torsional flexibility of up to 600mm when driving cross-country. The Unimog also has an axle articulation of up to 30 degrees, a rample angle of 34 degress, slope climbing ability of 45 degrees, and approach and departure angles at 44 degrees and 51 degrees. If you\'re not impressed by those figures, then these should: According to Mercedes-Benz, the Unimog has a maximum side tilting angle of 38 degrees and a fording depth of 1,200mm.


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