Metro Manila single ticket system for traffic violations to start Mar. 1

Let's hope it works
Feb 29, 2012

The Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) and the traffic enforcement units local governments in the metropolis will start implementing the single ticket system for traffic violators on March 1.

According to, with the single ticket system, a motorist may not be issued a new ticket if he or she has already been issued a ticket in another area for the same violation. The violator, however, will be issued another ticket if he or she is apprehended for a different violation.

The report added that the MMDA is currently working to centralize the system of settling fines and that the next step of the singe ticket system is to create a uniformed traffic ordinance and penalty system across the metro.

If the MMDA is still working on a centralized system for paying the fines and penalties, how will you go about settling it if you're apprehended for a violation in the next few days?

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We checked with MMDA traffic discipline unit head Yves Gonzalez and he said there will be no change in the payment methods during the initial implementation of the single ticketing system.

So if you're apprehended by a local government traffic enforcer, the fine has to be settled with the traffic office of the city or municipality that issued the ticket. But if it's an MMDA traffic enforcer that apprehended you, the fine can be paid either through Metrobank or at the MMDA's main office in Makati City.

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