Mitsubishi develops next-gen MIVEC engine

And improved auto stop-and-go technology

Mitsubishi Motors has rolled out its two fuel-saving technologies: the next-generation 1.8-liter Mitsubishi innovative valve timing electronic control (MIVEC) engine and the latest version of its automatic stop-and-go technology.

According to Mitsubishi, its new 1.8-liter 4J10 engine makes use of a next-generation MIVEC system that continuously regulates intake valve lift, opening duration and timing, allowing it to put out 137hp and 172Nm of torque. With the engine's improved combustion stability and reduction in piston friction, the new 4J10 mill is more fuel efficient and yet doesn't sacrifice its performance when compared to the 1.8-liter 4B10 MIVEC engine.

Meanwhile, Mitsubishi's latest Auto Stop & Go system was specifically developed for use on models fitted with continuously variable transmissions (CVT). It also makes use of a control unit so that the system is now integrally controlled along with the engine, CVT, active stability control and climate control.

Mitsubishi claims that combining the Auto Stop & Go system to the new MIVEC engine accounts for a 12-percent improvement in fuel efficiency and provides quick engine restart and initial acceleration performance that doesn't feel any different from a car without the system. In addition, fuel efficiency is improved since the new MIVEC engine allows the engine to restart using less intake air and fuel by keeping a low valve lift at engine restart. The new system also controls brake force from engine stop to restart via the car's integrated control system so that the car will remain stopped even on inclines until power is applied to the wheels.

Mitsubishi introduced the 4J10 engine and Auto Stop & Go system to the Japanese-market RVR (Outlander in the Philippines) last October 20 while the Galant Fortis (Lancer EX in the Philippines) will receive the two new technologies on October 27.

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