MMDA gives go-signal to DPWH to rehabilitate Osmeña Flyover

Expect the traffic in the area to get worse once it starts
May 3, 2011

Traffic at the corner of Osmeña Highway and Sen. Gil Puyat Avenue in Makati City may soon be worse than ever as the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) has given the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) the green light to repair and rehabilitate the Osmeña Flyover located on that intersection.

According to MMDA chairman Francis Tolentino, though the project will further worsen the traffic situation in the area, it has to be done "because of the good it can bring in the long haul."

"The public needs to understand that the structure badly needs repair because it was built and used for almost 30 years now, and definitely, it is no longer safe as it was before. To delay its repair poses greater damage, especially during earthquakes," Tolentino said.

Though no definite date was given as to when the project is expected to commence, the MMDA chief did set a condition that the repair and rehabilitation works will only begin after the project's contractor, Tokwing Construction, has fabricated and installed the necessary traffic signs directing motorists to the alternate routes which the DPWH has already mapped out.

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The project is an undertaking of the DPWH which had asked for the necessary traffic clearance from the MMDA.

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The project will require the closure of one direction of the four-lane, two-direction flyover, which will then be repaired and rehabilitated while keeping the other direction open but as a two-lane, two-way stretch. Some of the vehicles on Osmeña Highway will also be diverted to the at-grade section of the highway to cross Sen. Gil Puyat Avenue.

To help decongest the traffic further, the MMDA will deploy the same number of enforcers assigned to the area.

"We will deploy additional traffic enforcers if and only when needed," Tolentino said.

Though the project’s duration is for 120 calendars days, the DPWH and the contractor hope to finish it within 90 calendar days.

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