MMDA steps up campaign vs sidewalk hoggers

Watch out for that Pink Line!
Nov 23, 2009
The Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) has deployed 14 teams to implement the Pink Line Sidewalk Boundary Marker Program to keep motorists from parking on sidewalks.

"With more parking enforcement teams going around Metro Manila, we can go around more areas and strictly enforce our Pink Line program. This way we can ensure that our sidewalks are free of obstructions, especially illegally parked vehicles," MMDA chairman Bayani Fernando said on the agency's website.

The MMDA acquired five new Isuzu multicabs for the parking enforcement team to complement the nine uses by the Traffic Engineering Center (TEC).

TEC chief Noemi Recio said the MMDA will conduct a campaign to inform the public of the Pink Line regulations. Motorists who park on the sidewalks or even just breach the pink line will be issued citation tickets.

"If the vehicle owner is not present, the citation ticket will be left on the windshield," Recio said.

The MMDA has painted 1,055.92km of Metro Manila's sidewalks as part of the Pink Line program.

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