MMDA to suspend all roadwork in the spirit of Christmas

From December 10 to January 4
Dec 5, 2012

With traffic to the malls and other commercial establishments expected to build up in the coming days due to the Christmas season, the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority is giving motorists and commuters a break: The agency will suspend all diggings and excavations on all Metro Manila roads from the midnight of December 10, 2012, to the midnight of January 4, 2013, "in anticipation of an increase in vehicular volume and pedestrian traffic for the Christmas season."

MMDA chairman Francis Tolentino ordered the suspension of any digging on right-of-way roads, including passageways and sidewalks within Metro Manila, as well as any improvements being undertaken by any government agency or public and private contractors that will obstruct the smooth flow of traffic, "pursuant to pertinent provisions of the ordinance governing road diggings and excavations and restoration in Metro Manila, or MMDA Ordinance No. 2, Series of 1991."

"The moratorium is in response to the public's call to improve the Christmas traffic situation that's hampered by various road diggings and repairs," said Tolentino.

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The MMDA chief added that violators will be fined with not less than P3,000 but not more than P10,000, or be imprisoned not less than 30 days but not more than six months, or be fined and imprisoned as decided by the court.

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