Mom makes ultimate toy car for 4-year-old kid

An awesome replica of Red Bull Racing's 2012 race car
Feb 24, 2012

We know parents do the best they can for their kids and we all love them for everything they've done for us. But, just for now, allow us to be a little unfair and exercise a bit of favoritism that extends all the way to Japan where a mom just built a replica of the 2012 Red Bull Formula 1 race car.

Nope, we're not talking about a simple art project here. Yahoo! Autos reports that the woman spent an entire month to make the replica of the Red Bull race car--complete with all the details and graphics--out of cardboard.


RBR race car replica

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Isn't it awesome? Click here for more photos.

To parents out there, would you do the same for your kid?

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