Monster truck sets Guinness world-record jump

Reclaims the record it previously held for 11 years
Oct 4, 2012 Philippine Car News - Monster truck sets Guinness World Record jump

Legendary monster truck brand Bigfoot has set a new Guinness World Record for the longest jump by a monster truck with a distance of 214 feet and eight inches with former record-holder Dan Runte behind the wheel.

For 11 years, Runte held the world record when he made Bigfoot 14 jump a distance of 202 feet in 1999. The record was broken in 2010 when another truck cleared Bigfoot 14's record by just over six feet.

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Using the all-new Bigfoot 18 at the Indianapolis 4-Wheel Jamboree Nationals last month, Runte reclaimed the record by jumping the monster truck by more than six feet over the previous record of 208 feet.

With a chassis designed and built by Concussion Motorsports, Bigfoot 18's performance apparently impressed Team Bigfoot enough that it ordered a new one the day after the record-breaking jump.


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