More Ferrari customers opting for other colors besides red

Goodbye, rosso corsa?
Jul 1, 2011
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Since its earliest days, Ferrari has always been associated with the color red, or rosso corsa to be exact, which is Italian for "racing red," as the cars in the early years of motor racing bore their country's color. As a matter of fact, the color became so synonymous with Ferrari that, according to the Italian carmaker, 85 percent of all Ferraris built in the early 1990s were finished in red.

However, as what music legend Bob Dylan said, "The times they are a-changin'." Ferrari has said that its customers are now choosing from a vast range of colors and types for their cars.

Though the traditional rosso corsa still dominates as the color of choice among Ferrari clients, only 45 percent of customers today choose it for their Ferraris.

Special-order finishes, on the other hand, have gone up from a measly one percent in the early 2000s to over 10 percent in 2010. According to the carmaker, this only means that its cars don't necessarily have to be red to be a Ferrari anymore.

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Ferrari added that two-tone liveries have become a popular choice lately, with one color applied to the roof and another contrasting color for the bodywork. The carmaker's personalization program, meanwhile, has Ferrari copying a color sample from any item that a customer has a close affinity with and then replicating it on the car's bodywork.

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Another popular choice, Ferrari reveals, is its "Challenge" liveries, which mimic the paintwork stripes that are normally sported by its closed-wheel racing cars. These stripes encompass everything from the ones inspired by classic racing cars to the Italian tricolor, which many of Ferrari's overseas clients choose "to underscore the Italian character and quality of their cars."

If you were to paint a Ferrari in any color other than red, what would you choose? Let us know by having your say in the comment box below.

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