Motor Image owner Tan Chong to distribute Changan in PH

The Chinese car brand formerly known here as Chana

Chana Eado

Tan Chong International Limited (TCIL), the same Singaporean corporation that owns Motor Image, which distributes Subaru in the Philippines and other Asian countries outside Japan, is taking over the distributorship rights to Chinese carmaker Changan in our market. Changan used to be known here as Chana when it was still being distributed by Focus Ventures.

"We hope to bring in Changan in the second or third quarter of next year," Tan Chong executive director Glenn Tan told us in a phone interview. TCIL will distribute Changan through TC Changan, its subsidiary.

Filipino car buyers have not completely warmed up to Chinese car brands, but here's something that can probably put the skeptic's worry to rest. Should your Changan vehicle--assuming you'll purchase one, of course--have problems, a technician trained at the Motor Image Academy in Singapore will be working on it. Motor Image Academy is certified by Fuji Heavy Industries, the Japan-based manufacturer of Subaru vehicles.

Tan's group plans to capitalize on the expertise of Motor Image technicians. But aside from them, Changan technicians who were trained in China, will also attend to the passenger vehicles. Furthermore, Tan confirmed that Changan will have its own showroom, but will be sharing the same service facilities with the Subaru distributor, Motor Image Pilipinas.

"We will start with one showroom, like we did with Motor Image," said the Tan Chong big boss. "We plan to put up a facility in the Manila Bay area--featuring one showroom for Subaru and one showroom for Changan. There will be two distinct showrooms in the same building. But there will be one service facility common to both brands."


TC Changan is keen on providing quality after-sales service, which is a hallmark that some Chinese car brands in the Philippines have missed. Tan explained that aside from providing the right vehicles for our market, they want to inspire confidence in the Changan name, like what they did with Subaru. And since Changan is under the same group as Motor Image, Tan is confident that they will deliver.

"Using our regional standard, we can provide much better ownership experience for the brand," he said.

So, do you think the Tan Chong International Limited ownership and the Motor Image association will make you trust a Chinese car brand more?

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