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MMDA personnel return $79,500 to accident victim in hospital
by Drei Laurel | Sep 11, 2018
PHOTO: John Hughes/Freeimages.com

Here's a bit of good news this week: Three Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) personnel were cited for honesty earlier today, after they returned a sling bag found in the aftermath of a road accident to its owner. The bag's contents? A whopping $79,500 (P4.3 million).

Yes, Mariel Bacho, Kristopher Concepcion, and Sheena Santillan returned the cost of a brand-new Toyota Land Cruiser to its owner, Thomas Dichavez. The trio were responding to an accident involving an SUV and a truck along C5, where they found a disoriented Dichavez and pulled him out of his vehicle.

Dichavez's sling bag was handed over to the three MMDA rescuers by a bystander at the scene of the accident, but it was only at the hospital where they discovered its contents. The trio then turned Dichavez's belongings to hospital security personnel.

"When we saw the bundles of US dollars inside the bag, it never crossed our mind to take it. We are also thankful to the male bystander who found the bag inside the vehicle," Bacho said.

MMDA chairman Danilo Lim lauded the three employees for their good character and quick thinking: "We commend our employees for displaying an act of honesty. It is indeed worthy of emulation."

It’s an act worthy of emulation indeed. The three could have easily split the cash amongst themselves, but chose to return the cash instead. P4 million is a lot of dough to turn down. Good on you, guys.

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PHOTO: John Hughes/Freeimages.com
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