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Over in Abu Dhabi, one highway has a minimum speed limit of 120kph

There’s strict enforcement too
Speed limit Abu Dhabi
PHOTO: Dubai Media Office

Everyone knows that the maximum speed limit in the country is 100kph on select expressways. Some deem it’s fast enough for local conditions, while others reckon it can be higher. While most are aware of the maximum, it’s worth reminding motorists that there is a minimum set at 60kph.

But over in Abu Dhabi, things are a little different. A major highway in the country recently announced a new minimum speed limit, and it’s far faster than the one here. The two leftmost lanes of the Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Road have a minimum of 120kph, double of what we have in the Philippines. Should anyone be driving slower than that, they face a fine of 400 Dirham, or roughly P6,000.

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You’re probably wondering why the minimum is set that high. Well, it’s largely down to the engineering of the highway. The Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Road is eight lanes wide, evenly paved, and stretches on for 62 kilometeres. It's these conditions that let that road to allow speeds that high.

The Abu Dhabi police strictly enforces the rule, too. Aside from the heavy fines, there is constant monitoring of the road. And if that’s not enough, the road is under the watchful eye of some of the country’s 300,000 CCTVs. So even if you don’t see a patrol car on the road, there’s still a good chance you’ll get a fine through the mail.


Should you find yourself on that road and don’t want to drive at 120kph, you will have to stay on the third lane. Of course, that doesn’t mean you should trundle along at 80kph, as the country’s expressway traffic is generally fast. Meanwhile, the fourth lane is mainly for trucks and buses, and those are limited to 80kph.

As for the speed limit, all four lanes have a maximum of 140kph for cars. Trucks and buses cannot leave the rightmost lane and obey the limit.

Meanwhile, in the Philippines, Rep. Ronald V. Singson proposed a bill raising the speed limit in certain expressways to 140kph. The maximum allowable speed will depend on the road's engineering and assessment of the Department of Transport (DOTr) and the discretion of local government units. The bill is still being discussed in congress, but the Toll Regulatory Board has expressed its support provided more studies are made.

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PHOTO: Dubai Media Office
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