Remember these alternate routes and tow-away zones for Undas 2017

by Drei Laurel | Oct 27, 2017

October 31 and November 1 (Tuesday and Wednesday) may have already been declared holidays, but those of us headed out to the cemetery to pay our respects next week are still preparing mentally for a traffic nightmare.

In line with Undas 2017, the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) has provided us with a list of alternate routes, parking spaces, and tow-away zones for areas expecting heavy traffic. Be sure to take note of the following before hitting the road next week:


Holy Cross Memorial Park

Alternate routes – All vehicles must enter from the back of Green Heights Subdivision (Diamond Avenue) and will exit through P. Dela Cruz Street towards Quirino Highway.

Parking – Holy Cross management permits one-side parking inside the memorial park.

Tow-away zones – No parking along Quirino Highway, Green Heights Subdivision, and P. Dela Cruz Street.

Novaliches Cemetery

Alternate routes – Vehicles are not allowed to enter the cemetery. Cars coming from General Luis Street must turn right at Dona Isaura and shall pass Sarmiento Street to exit to Quirino Highway.

Parking – One-sided parking is permitted at Millionaire's Subdivision.

Tow-away zones – No parking along General Luis Street, from Susano Road to Dona Isaura Street.

Parokya ng Pagkabuhay Cemetery/Bagbag

Alternate routes – Cars may not enter the cemetery.

Parking – You may park on the left side of King Alexis Street coming from Kings Point Street.

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Tow-away zones – No parking along the stretch of Quirino Highway and King's Point Street.

Manila North Cemetery

Alternate routes – Trucks and buses from the Balintawak area along A. Bonifacio Avenue heading toward Manila must turn left to Sergeant Rivera Street, then right to D. Tuazon Street, and right to Calamba Street going to Manila.

Trucks returning to their point of origin should enter Maria Clara, turn left at Banawe Street, followed by a left to Sergeant Rivera Street, then a right to A. Bonifacio Avenue heading to its destination.

Private cars and PUVs coming from Balintawak heading to Manila must enter Mayon Street (one-way from Del Monte Avenue to Scout Alcaraz Street), followed by a right to Retiro Street, a left to Dr. Alejos Street, and a right to Don Manuel Agregado Street to  cross Blumentritt.

When returning, head straight down Retiro Street (one-way from Blumentritt Extension to Mariveles Street), then left to CDC Street, left to Angelo Street, right to Sergeant Alcaraz, left to Speaker Perez, left to Del Monte Avenue, then right to A. Bonifacio Avenue to Balintawak.


Vehicles coming from the direction of San Francisco Del Monte along Del Monte Avenue must turn left to Mayon Street and follow the third route.

Closures – November 1, 4am. Outermost westbound lanes of A. Bonifacio Avenue from mayon-Del Monte and A. Bonifacio intersection up to Calivete Street will be for pedestrians.

Himlayang Pilipino

Alternate routes – All vehicles will use Himlayan Road and must exit through the back via Philand Drive Subdivision. Saint Anthony school Road will serve as another exit point headed towards NAPOCOR Village.

Parking – Parking area 1 will be at the area near the Park Office of Himlayan. Parking area 2 will be near Emilio Jacinto Shrine. Parking area 3 will be along Fensjuio Park.

Tow-away zones – No parking along the stretch of Tandang Sora Avenue and along Himlayan Road leading into the cemetery.

Eternal Garden Memorial Park

Alternate routes – Cars may enter via Leyland Drive and must exit through the Baesa Gate. One-way entrance for all cars coming from Reparo Service Road to Bagong Barrio Gate. NDR to NLEX service road as entrance.


Closure – November 1, 2pm. Maxima Drive will be closed to traffic to serve as an exit to Quirino Highway. Leland Drive will be for incoming vehicles.

Parking – Left side of the entrance of the cemetery.

Tow-away zones – No parking on both sides along the stretch of Quirion Highway, Leland Drive and Maximina Street.


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