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Sports car vandalism

Admit it: You think most owners of sports cars are arrogant, selfish people who just want to show off. Among other things, you hate them for always parking their sleek ride in areas where they should't park. Like, say, right in front of an establishment or sometimes even in a PWD slot.

Well, one sports car owner sent us the above photo, and his story might help explain why his ilk would rather park their prized possession in special areas. Here's his story (in italics):

Hi, Top Gear! Please don’t mention my name. I just want to share my experience this morning. I went to a mall in Quezon City to buy some stuff. I only stayed there for a few minutes, which is why I didn't pay for the parking ticket anymore. When I got home, I saw a long scratch on the side of my car. I was "keyed." I drive a sports car (Nissan 350Z). I know how others call us sports car owners "mayabang," which is why I park in the right places, and I follow rules. This morning, I stayed within my parking slot, and that got me wondering why somebody would key my car. Now I know why some people who own sports cars and supercars are scared to park in a regular parking spot where no one can see or monitor their cars. There are really some people who find pleasure in damaging other people's property. God bless.

To clarify, this is not to justify parking a sports car just about anywhere. This is merely to give an insight into the seemingly insensitive practice of parking a nice car in "VIP" spots. We have douchebags to thank for this--those no-good bastards who think it's okay to vandalize rich people's property because the latter "deserve it."

Grow up, losers.

Vernon B. Sarne
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