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Cement, truck companies sign code of road accountability

Promising not to be road hazards anymore


Members of the Cement Manufacturers Association of the Philippines (CeMAP), together with the trucking companies and their respective drivers, have signed a \"Code of Accountability\" to serve as the group\'s statement on road safety.

\"Cement haulers and drivers traverse the country\'s roads, highways and expressways every day and these highly mobile transport equipment and people have a significant impact on the productivity of our economic forces and our own safety,\" said CeMAP president Ernesto Ordoñez during the 2nd Vehicle and Traffic Safety Conference at the SMX Convention Center. \"That\'s why transport safety is high on our agenda as an industry.\"

With the signing of the code, CeMAP and its haulers and their drivers are assuring both their customers and the public that responsible and safe driving \"shall be the general rule on the road--not the exception.\"

According to CeMAP, the \"Code of Accountability\" features five points:

* Be good examples on safety practices;

* Hire and train drivers who will emphasize both expert and safe driving;

* Allow only drivers who are amply rested and not intoxicated;

* Deploy only roadworthy vehicles; and

Report hazards and risks on the road to prevent future accidents

\"Signing the code assures a broad-based commitment to keep our roadways safe for everyone,\" Ordoñez added. \"From now on, our haulers are not a menace but a boon on the road anywhere, anytime.\"

To emphasize the organization\'s commitment to safety, CeMap also honored the haulers and drivers that it recognized as \"credible models of safety practice and safety consciousness.\"

Chosen as outstanding haulers were: Gatlabayan Trucking, Peaksun Enterprises, AALH Logistics Systems, Ulderico Merced Trucking, Great Prime Trading, Algira Corporation, BAC Trucking, and Giga Trucking Services.

Honored as outstanding drivers, meanwhile, were: Dennis Geronimo, Benigno De Guzman, John Paul Espendido, Gaspar Bondoc, Virgilio Bartolome De Silva, and Edgar Cueva.

About time, don\'t you think?

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