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BGC traffic marshals in action

Lately, there has been a spate of complaints about the traffic marshals of Bonifacio Global City, who, insist some motorists, behave like power-tripping cops. Now, a reader has sent us a detailed narration of how these BGC marshals cunningly "entrap" clueless motorists so they can meet their daily quota for traffic violation tickets, according to said reader, who wishes to remain anonymous in view of his own safety and security.

We'll turn over the floor--or the page--to the guy. Everything that follows in italics is his own:

Not too long ago, a YouTube video made the rounds on social media showing how a Range Rover Sport was being towed along the roads of Bonifacio Global City in a dangerous and reckless manner. This took place at the behest of BGC traffic enforcers, and in the wake of this incident, many stories about the attitude and antics of said enforcers have emerged around the web. As people tend to exaggerate when writing about bad experiences online, I decided to reserve my judgment about BGC traffic enforcers being overzealous or questionable in their actions--until now.

Recently, I got to witness firsthand how BGC traffic marshals use morally wrong and downright despicable tactics to entrap motorists and earn money for the city coffers by means of highly questionable fines. If you ever want to join the dark side and form your own gang of motorbike-riding entrapment agents, here is your handy guide on how to do it:

BGC traffic marshals in action

1. Get your officers to scout for a suitable road to use for your scheme. A small side street that can easily be blocked off on both ends is ideal. Make sure there are no "No Parking" signs along this road and retreat to a safe distance where your would-be victims can't see you.

2. Wait until enough unsuspecting motorists have stopped along your chosen road. Once there are enough cars parked on both sides to really help you with your daily ticket quota, call in reinforcements and watch as a dozen members of your motorcycle gang pull up and block off both ends of the road. You have now trapped all cars on this street and may begin rolling in the money.

BGC traffic marshals in action

3. Issue everyone a ticket for parking on this otherwise unused side road. Take no notice of cars that are already moving or which have just briefly stopped there. Remember: It all helps toward your ticket quota.


4. If a driver correctly disputes that a ticket for parking there cannot be given as there are no "No Parking" signs anywhere, change your tune and give him a ticket for "Obstruction." Ignore the fact that none of the cars are obstructing anything, and that two battle tanks can still comfortably fit there side by side.

5. If the pesky motorist raises the undisputable fact that no obstruction of anything or anyone has occurred, revert to your tried-and-tested universal excuse for issuing a ticket, muttering the words: "Private property." This will allow you to write any ticket you like.

BGC traffic marshals in action

6. Remember to illegally confiscate the licenses of everyone you give tickets to. Make sure all your enforcer friends are always nearby for maximum intimidation.

7. Tow cars where the drivers aren't nearby. Don’t worry if you damage the cars in the process. The towing company won’t care about that either.

8. Round up your posse and leave the scene, knowing you've just done a great deal toward your daily ticket quota and the coveted title of "Enforcer of the Month" by intimidating innocent motorists and giving them bogus fines. Remember to be real proud of yourself and pose for the camera to show just how high up there you are above the law.

BGC traffic marshals in action

Well, that is roughly what I got to witness firsthand, and this type of blatant entrapment is outright despicable and completely wrong. The whole posse was literally lying in wait and pounced as soon as enough victims were parked, many of which were just briefly stopped and with the drivers still inside the cars. None would have parked there if signs to that effect had been installed, but of course doing so would destroy this little money-making scheme of the BGC marshals.

At no point, it seems, is it the job of the BGC enforcers to actually aid traffic flow or tackle real traffic problems, such as the rampant drunk-driving going on there especially on weekends. The distinct impression I got from this incident--and the many stories making the rounds online--is that BGC enforcers are mainly there to make money for the city.

Don’t get me wrong: If anyone had parked wrongly or obstructed anything during this incident, then there's no arguing that fines should be in order, but nobody did. This was a pure money-making exercise, and I challenge anyone to prove me otherwise.

The antics displayed on this day had a distinct "third-world country police thugs" taste to it, and the city would be well advised to eliminate this kind of behavior sooner rather than later. Having what is essentially a gang of legitimized bullies ride around the city and intimidate motorists in order to write tickets in this manner is totally unacceptable, and one would hope BGC management realizes just how much damage these enforcers do to the reputation of this otherwise very nice place. By now, BGC is infamous for its overzealous enforcers, and unless they are brought in line and utilized in a more acceptable manner, I can’t exactly see this undesirable reputation going away.


Let’s revisit the universal excuse the ring leader of the enforcement mafia used whenever he was challenged during the incident: "private property." So the whole of BGC is private property, and if he keeps bringing this up, then one can only conclude that it must be their ultimate aim and final goal to keep as many people off said property as possible. Let’s help them along the way to this goal by not driving to BGC, not shopping there, not eating there, and certainly never ever stopping or parking there. Let’s avoid BGC at least until the city changes the people employed to help motorists, but who instead use intimidation and bullying tactics to give out wrongful fines.

I certainly will never spend another peso in the Wild West across EDSA again. Having witnessed firsthand what I had only ever heard about from others, I think I now know what the three letters B, G and C really stand for: Bonifacio Global Cowboys.

What do you think, guys?

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