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What motorists and commuters need to know about Metro Manila’s shift to Alert level 1


Finally. Metro Manila is shifting down to Alert Level 1 after weathering yet another COVID-19 surge to ring in 2022. The new alert level will kick in on Tuesday, March 1.

While many restrictions have been loosened, there are still a good number of them you need to keep in mind if you plan on being out and about. Below are a few things you need to know about the National Capital Region’s return to Alert Level 1.

NCR Alert Level 1

What is Alert Level 1?

Alert Level 1 is the lowest among the five alert levels that estimate COVID-19 risk levels in an area. The downgrade means authorities have determined that COVID-19 transmission in Metro Manila is decreasing, bed utilization at hospitals is under 50%, and at least 70% of the NCR’s target population is now fully vaccinated.

The Department of Health (DOH) is, however, reminding the public to remain on guard as the entry of new variants is always a possibility.

Are masks still required on public transportation?

Yes. The wearing of face masks is still required in public spaces—whether outdoors or indoors—under Alert Level 1. This includes all forms of land, air, and sea public transportation. And speaking of public transportation

Public transportation will resume operating at full capacity

Passenger limits onboard public transportation will no longer be implemented. Authorities, though, stress that in cases where internal travel between the NCR and areas with higher alert levels is necessary, public transport will adhere to the passenger capacity required in the area with a higher alert level.


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Is ‘no vaccination, no ride’ still a thing?

No. The DOH is stressing this policy is no longer in effect. The same goes for plastic barriers (which are now optional) and the use of the Safe, Swift, and Smart Passage (S-PaSS) travel management system.

Will a COVID-19 test still be required for domestic travel?

The DOH says that antigen test is required for symptomatic individuals, while an RT-PCR test is recommended. Neither is necessary, though, if you are not displaying any COVID-19 symptoms.

Expect more commuters on public transportation

Under Alert Level 1, all private offices and workplaces may operate at 100% capacity provided health protocols and vaccine requirements are met. That said, commuters should expect bigger crowds at public transport terminals.

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