DOE: We are 'exhausting all options' to address rising fuel costs

We certainly hope so
by Drei Laurel | Oct 5, 2018
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Has anyone else been feeling depressed lately after a trip to the gas station? These fuel prices are a major pain already, and they don't look like they'll stop going up any time soon.

Thankfully, the government is doing everything it can to address this matter. Or at least we hope so.

The Department of Energy (DOE) recently released a statement assuring us that it is "exhausting all options" available to combat the rising prices of gasoline and diesel. According to energy chief Alfonso Cusi, his agency is working with the oil industry to find solutions to this situation.

"Despite global forces affecting the country's fuel prices, we are in constant communication with the oil-industry players on how we can help the public amid the global oil situation," Cusi said. "We've been exploring higher and expanded fuel discounts to public-utility vehicles, looking at nearby countries for lower-priced supply, and even went to unpopular options to ensure that consumers are protected from the impact of this global price situation."

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Earlier this week, local fuel companies raised prices by another P1.35 per liter for diesel and P1.00 per liter for gasoline. We believe the DOE when it says it is doing everything it can, but some of its recent moves have been pretty hit or miss.

The agency was recently presented with a handful of electric vehicles courtesy of the Japanese government—the first batch to be used for testing by other government agencies. But in August, it directed industry players to offer Euro 2 fuels again to help address the price hikes. The latter was a solution that the Philippine Department of Transportation (DOTr) described as a "retrogression that takes us several steps back."

What do you make of the DOE's statement?

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PHOTO: andreas160578/Pixabay
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