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DOTr: Construction of Common Station ‘malapit nang matapos’

The agency is advising the public to stay tuned for updates throughout March
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PHOTO: DOTr on Facebook

Just about year ago, the Common Station was at 48.48% completion. Now, if the latest updates from the Department of Transportation (DOTr) are anything to go by, it appears the project is really starting to take shape.

According to the agency’s Facebook post, construction of the Common Station—also called the Unified Grand Central Station—will be finished soon. Just how soon is still a question, but the DOTr has advised the public to stay tuned for the latest developments throughout this month.

The Common Station is located on North Avenue. It will serve as the interconnecting terminal for the LRT-1, the MRT-3, the MRT-7, and the Metro Manila Subway.

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Construction was slated for completion in December 2021 but the schedule has since been pushed back. The DOTr didn’t mention the possible causes for the delay, but this could probably be attributed to the multiple pandemic-related lockdowns last year.

Once completed, the Common Station is expected to serve 500,000 passengers daily. Looking forward to seeing this station up and running?

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PHOTO: DOTr on Facebook
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