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DPWH begins road maintenance activities as All Saints' Day nears Philippine Car News - DPWH begins road maintenance activities as All Saints’ Day draws closer

As the All Saints’ Day/All Souls' Day weekend draws near, the Department of Public Works and Highways has begun implementing various routine maintenance activities for roads, bridges, sewers and even vegetation controls particularly those that lead to both public and private cemeteries.

"These activities will ensure better and safer travel for motorists and commuters," said DPWH secretary Rogelio Singson.

Also, with the numerous construction and maintenance works of the country’s arterial roads that are currently underway, Singson directed all concerned district engineers to properly coordinate with the project engineers of the Unified Project Management Office for the scheduling of their activities and the installation of necessary traffic advisories.

"Contractors with ongoing projects have to suspend further excavation or pavement removal activities, and shall begin with the clearing of construction barriers including the removal of idle equipment directly on-site that may obstruct and affect traffic flow," Singson added.

To manage the road situation, the DPWH will activate a composite team headed by an anchorman from the regional and district offices who will aid the public from October 30 to November 3 under the "Lakbay Alalay" program. The agency will also closely coordinate with the Land Transportation Office, the Philippine National Police, and concerned local government units for said program.

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