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Department of Public Works and Highways secretary Rogelio Singson has ordered for a thorough investigation of a 13.72km section of the Burauen-Albuera road in Leyte. Since work began in 2004, the project has already cost the government P500 million and remains unfinished.

"I cannot figure out why this road remains impassable and useless despite the amount of taxpayers' money poured into this road," said Singson. "I do understand that this road project is a new road opening, but with the amount of money spent on the road section, local residents should already be using this road, even if it is still on gravel surface. But there is no continuous road to speak of."

According to the agency, at least 20 contracts for the road's construction have been entered into by the DPWH and various local contractors in 2004, 2007, 2008, 2009 and 2010. And yet the road is still far from being completed and cannot be used by the local residents until now. Based on an initial report conducted by the DPWH's quality assurance unit, some sections of the road remain as mountain trails and can't even accommodate a motorcycle.

"Some sections are reportedly now even covered with lush vegetations," added Singson. "I want to get into the bottom of this."

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What is your reaction to this news?

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