DPWH lists down roads, bridges damaged by Oct. 15 earthquake

In Bohol and Cebu
Oct 17, 2013


The Department of Public Works and Highways has released a list of the roads and bridges that were damaged by the 7.2-magnitude earthquake that struck the Central Visayas region last October 15.

Based on the report submitted by DPWH Region 7 director Ador Canlas to department secretary Rogelio Singson, the unpassable road sections in Bohol, \"due to either massive landslide or damaged roadway such as cracks, settlement of asphalt/concrete pavement, and road slips,\" are:

* Cortes-Balilihan-Catigbian-Macaas Road;

* Tagbilaran East Road (Laya Baclayon);

* Tagbilaran North Road (Km 89.869-Km 89.950); and

* Loay Interior Road (Loboc Section).

As for the bridges in Bohol that were deemed damaged and unpassable, these are:

* Abatan Bridge along Tagbilaran North Road (bridge collapse as seen in the photo above);

* Camayaan Bridge along Tagbilaran North Road in Cortes (bridge approach damage);

* Tultogan Bridge along Tagbilaran North Road in Calape (bridge approach collapse);


* Tagbuane Bridge along Tagbilaran East Road in Albur (bridge collapse);

* Moalong Bridge along Tagbilaran North Road (bridge collapse);

* Hunan Bridge along Tagbilaran North Road (settlement of bridge approach);

* Taguimtim, Damiao and Daet Bridges along Tagbilaran North Road in Buenavista (settlement of bridge approach);

* Palo, Hinawanan, Bonkokan, Banban, and Panangatan Bridges along Tagbilaran East Road (bridge approaches with cracks/settlement); and

* Agape Bridge along Loay Interior Road (bridge approaches with cracks).

Two other bridges in Bohol were damaged but are passable, namely, the Suarez Bridge along Dawis Panglao Road and the Salog Bridge along Tagbilaran North Road.

In Cebu, although Carcar-Barili Road (Sta. 45+00) and Sibonga-Dumanjug Road (Km 57) sustained pavement cracks, and a landslide occurred on Cebu Toledo Wharf Road (Km 20), the DPWH claims that these highways are passable following the agency\'s clearing operations.

The DPWH is also supposedly conducting walk-through inspections to assess the possible damages sustained by the Cansaga Bay, Mandaue-Mactan and Marcelo Fernan Bridges including the Subangdaku Flyover.

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