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Driver follows navigation app, ends up on train tracks

What an unlucky chap
car on tracks
PHOTO: MMDA on Facebook

We’ve become heavily reliant on technology these days, especially on navigation apps to get us around the metro. We know you’re just as guilty as we are here. But who could blame us? With just a few clicks on our smartphones, we’ll know the best routes we can take to avoid the heavy traffic.

Sometimes, though, we may be becoming a bit too reliant. Take this guy, for example—he recently made headlines after his car ended up on the Philippine National Railways (PNR) train tracks. The reason? He was supposedly following directions on a navigation app before he got there, and he didn’t realize he was approaching a railroad.

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Some publications have actually shared proper photos like the one you see above. The Philippine National Police and Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) Rescue Emergency Group helped take the car out of the tracks. This happened at the Beata Crossing in Pandacan, Manila.


According to reports, nobody was hurt during the incident. Thank goodness. We’re guessing the commotion around the tracks would’ve caused some sort of traffic on the nearby thoroughfares, though.

You can check out more photos and footage of the entire incident below.

Videos and photos of the viral car stuck on PNR tracks:

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PHOTO: MMDA on Facebook
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