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EVs could arrive sooner as Meralco completes 1st charging station in PH

To be launched at the end of this month


In May last year, Mitsubishi Motors Philippines formally turned over demo units of the i-MiEV electric car to Meralco and the Department of Energy as part of the trio\'s Electric Vehicle Cooperation Agreement. The goal was to help the government and the automotive industry better understand the challenges involved in running EVs in the country.

More than a year later and it\'s Meralco\'s turn to announce its major contribution to the project.

On July 30, the Manila Electric Company is set to officially launch the Philippines\' first electric vehicle charging station known as the \"Meralco eVehicle Power Station,\" at the Meralco Compound in Pasig City. The station is classified as a \"working prototype\" whose aim is to \"establish Meralco\'s thought leadership in the EV space.\" It is expected to aid the electric company in performing tests on various charging processes, like slow and fast charging.

\"With the company\'s commitment to innovation, the charging station brings to the forefront the Meralco-developed slow-charging equipment,\" said the invite sent to Top Gear Philippines. \"Designed with the practical needs of its customers in mind, the charging equipment has the capability to provide partial or \'sachet\' charging in either peso or kWh, similar to the capabilities provided by gasoline pumps. With a weather-proof design that includes a fully enclosed LCD meter display and electronic keypad facility, the charging equipment can likewise be deployed in any location--whether in a fully covered or exposed environment--perfect for PUV terminals, sidewalks, as well as open or closed parking spaces.\"

With this development, it looks like our roads will soon see a trickle of electric cars. If so, which EV would you like to be sold in our market?

Photo from Instagram account of squareh00r

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