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Report: You can get fined $114 for playing absurdly loud music in your car in Florida

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Bans on absurdly loud exhausts? That’s nothing new. Ear-blasting mufflers are pretty common in these parts, which is why cities such as Manila have already legislated an ordinance specifically for that. But banning the playing of loud music inside a car? That’s something we don’t see every day.

According to a report by NBC 6 South Florida, the Sunshine State has now implemented a new law that will see drivers blasting music in their cars fined up to $114 (P6,000). The law states that officers can issue tickets to motorists playing music that’s audible from 25 feet away.

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NBC was able to interview a South Florida local, Tamara Armstrong, who has reportedly complained several times in the past about loud music and exhausts. “We eventually moved because I was woken up at all times of the night,” Armstrong said. “So I am super happy to see that something is now being done.”

What do you think of this one, readers? Do you think some of our cities need laws like this one?

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PHOTO: Shutterstock
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