You can now hail a motorcycle 'taxi' through GoBounce! app

Comes with free accident insurance
by Aris Ilagan | Sep 6, 2016

There's a growing number of stories about expats and business executives jumping out of their luxury cars and taking habal-habal rides in order to escape monstrous traffic jams to reach the airport.

While ditching four wheels and riding a motorcycle to catch a flight seems convenient, it's also a risk: Many habal-habal riders lack the proper skill and training. In fact, the service has been declared illegal by many local government units due to safety concerns.

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A newly-established app-based motorcycle taxi service seeks to curb this problem by providing a professionalized shuttle service on two-wheels. Formed by Kevin Moylan and Nat Taylor, GoBounce! is patterned after the successful Go-Jek in Indonesia, which is also plagued by serious traffic problem. Like Go-Jek, GoBounce! also offers messenger and food-delivery services.

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Aside from more courteous and better-groomed riders, what else makes Gobounce! attractive to commuters who would rather expose themselves to pollution and rain than die of old age from the horrendous traffic? According to Moylan, GoBounce! is the first such service to provide passengers with free accident insurance.

But despite this, the service has safety nets in place to protect passengers from road mishaps. When mounting on the motorbike, the rider is obliged to immediately offer a free mask to shield the passenger from air pollution and a raincoat during wet weather.

To ensure that no rotten eggs will ruin the quality of service, every rider-partner has to undergo a strict screening process. Each applicant must have a professional driver’s license and pass the riding skills evaluation conducted by the Safe T Riders group.

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A video on defensive driving, client relations, road rules and hazards, and drunk driving is also shown to applicants as a deterrent against reckless riding behavior at all times. Lastly, motorbikes are subjected to road worthiness inspection before they are allowed to hit the streets and pick up passengers. No shortcuts, please! 

The rate is P20 for the first 1.5km, 80% of which goes to the rider while the remaining 20% to the company. The next 1.5km will cost P40, while each succeeding kilometer past that will go for P10. So why stay stuck in traffic? Just hop on a GoBounce! motorcycle.


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