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Good Samaritan rider buys medicine for asthma-stricken customer after missent texts

Faith in humanity restored
PHOTO: Aris Ilagan

A message sent by mistake turned into an act of kindness when a delivery rider bought medicine for his ailing customer.

Diane Francheska Ombac was having a hard time breathing due to an asthma attack when she texted courier Ronald Bacani, whose contact number the former mistook for her sibling’s. Bacani immediately headed to the drugstore to get what Ombac needed.

“Hello kay Kuya na mabait na naabala sa katangahan ko. Sorry, hirap na hirap na talaga ko kanina. Akala ko kapatid (ko) yung na-text ko,” she shared on Facebook. “Akala ko rin siya talaga kaya nung sinabi niyang malayo na siya, di na ko nag-reply. Bumalik si Kuya, binilhan niya ko tapos hindi siningil yung shipping.” “Right after makaalis ni Kuya, dun na po ako inatake ng asthma kasi medyo maalikabok yung mirror. Ang akala ko po kapatid ko yung na-text ko.”

The delivery rider had already bought the meds when she realized the mix-up. She then thanked Bacani for coming to her aid. Ombac also revealed that people extended help to the courier via GCash upon reading her post.

Her latest post read: “On behalf of Kuya Ronald, thanks to everyone who helped. Let us all pay it forward. Thank you, Kuya Ronald, for showing us that there’s still hope after all. Thank you Lord for people like Kuya.”

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PHOTO: Aris Ilagan
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